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Day 1 of the Rest of My Life

2 Feb

Today was a good day

filled with cupcakes, good pitching  and amazing company. Day 1 of the rest of my life wasn’t too shabby.

I’m very thankful for the drastic changes in my life. God has so much in store. =)

Quote of the day

“We must choose HOPE not fear”

Stay tuned for my upcoming weekend getaway. I’m more than excited!

P.S. My new color is going to be PINK! I think it’ll give my wardrobe some life! What do you think?



Things I like!

31 Jan



That’s all.

Another UCF Graduate!

19 Dec

Today was another great day in the UCF community. Once again, thousands of students walked across the stage and gained that hard-earned piece of paper!

Meagan Murphy, a good friend of mine, was one of the many students! Here are some photos from our night at Mellow Mushroom. I’ll add more later! =)

Congratulations, Meagan!

Waiting in the car. Entertaining myself!


Oops, I thought you knew!

9 Dec

“Trust me when I say, HE hasn’t forgotten you.”

I’m back!

Yes, I know. I really abandoned my blog. I called it quits. I said I was done. And now– I’m back.

Couldn’t stay away too long without sharing the good news.

1. I got a job.  A full-time, salary with benefits type of job. My career officially started started on Monday, October 4, 2010 and I am so excited. I’m an Associate Account Coordinator at Treskoi PR, a luxury public relations agency based in Miami. I work in the Orlando office, which is amazing. I have an awesome co-worker, the best interns ever, and a cute little desk that I love dearly. Annndd, my boss is super cool, (and loves Tory Burch like me) which makes life so much easier.

Currently, I am managing an international client, which is very fun and can sometimes be challenging, but I’m learning so much. I’ve realized the communications world is so small! Everybody has worked at the same places! Pitching, calling, e-mailing, clipping, scanning, “CS5-ing”, social networking. . . the whole shebang! I’m using everything I learned in school and during all nine of my internships! LOL I even have company business cards. Woot Woot! Oh yeah, my AP Stylebook comes in handy all the time!

Here I am goofing around on my first day.

My first day!

Treskoi ladies representing our client Sprinkles at the 2010 Winter Park Fashion Show

Some of the Miami and Orlando Treskoi ladies

2. I sold Becca, my second car, on December 4. She was my baby, my college car, my heart! I cried when I sold her, but she’s in good hands. So you know this means I bought a new car. Yeahhh, a 2007 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback. Here’s Johnny!

Thanks for reading, and allowing me to creep back into your blog-reading life after so long. I promise I’ll be back soon. God has too much in store for me to keep quiet. I hope I inspire those who are yearning for more. Trust me when I say, HE hasn’t forgotten you.

Shout out to Alayna: You inspired me to share good news!

Be Blessed,


Protected: Eureka!

17 Oct

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Fashion’s Night Out 2010

21 Aug

I want to go, like seriously! Who’s down?!

Five Fall Favs by Tory Burch!

2 Aug

Laces, and Buckles, and Chains. Oh, my!

I absolutely love TB’s fall shoe collection! I have to get at least one pair.